Meet The

Artist Statement

Shauna L. Humrich

Photography is my passion. I began shooting at age eleven with a little Brownie, but not until I dared to enter a photography competition at the Ankeny Art Center did I allow myself to really share my passion. To believe there are others who enjoy the art I create was the greatest award I could have received from the event.

Every individual, animal, plant, and object has intrinsic beauty. Behind the camera I can take the time to see, hear and feel the story or rhythm being projected.  We all color our worlds with our own mixes of paint and I hope to capture moments, colors, lines, and reflections that will inspire folks to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures or see the scenes of everyday life in a new or different light.

The photos in my gallery are a melding of my life’s work.  The gallery includes photographs of buildings, bridges and sculpture in the cities of Iowa and also incorporates the wildlife photography, which keeps me grounded. The architectural photograph has been altered to reflect the vision and sensation I experienced.  Many are printed on canvas and a few are displayed frameless giving them a distinct texture and boundless presentation. The wildlife photographs are portraits in nature, each focused on capturing the essence of the animal at that moment.

There is not just one inspiration that moves me to shoot photography but a lifetime of inspirations and experiences. Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe are two artists who each independently created a lifetime of work that truly reflects his or her own vision.  I find this quite admirable and I dream to walk quietly down the same trail.